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4 days ago
Beach cleaning in gorgeous Costa Del Sol this week & I love these guys 🙌 really wish Aberdeen Council got their fingers out, not like we haven’t got our famous ”Stonehaven Banksy” nearby 2 commission replica work and make into tourist/environmental theme 🤷‍♀️♻️🌊🌍 https://t.co/IpD8PVccoV HouseofHalos photo
1 month ago
Pottering away creating super cute jewels with some of the recent Portugal beach clean plastics I collected finished off by adding a heart 😍 #recycle #sustainable #oceanplastic #jewellery https://t.co/TlMHltadvQ HouseofHalos photo
2 months ago
Some closing down sale goodies that’ll be on sale from now till end of year at liquidation prices💔♻️🌊🌍 super pleased with how the Portugal beach clean batch turn out, prettier than Opsls 😍 🐬♻️🌊🌍 https://t.co/xYcvopbPdy HouseofHalos photo
2 months ago
Lucky to be sharing this utterly amazing opportunity with a friend who has also been nominated #womensawards 💝 #sogratefu https://t.co/GnOU6sh69O HouseofHalos photo
2 months ago
Once a nasty ocean polluting bottle top now transformed into #sustainable gorgeousness for Cinders to wear to the ball this evening #womenawards #Scottishwomensawards #glasgowroadtrip https://t.co/YpIxmQUWcQ HouseofHalos photo
2 months ago
Super pleased how the Portugal beach clean batch turned out, loving the darker contrast 😍 #recycledoceanplasticpollution #sustainable #jewellery #sustainablefashion #2minutebeachclean ♻️🌍🌊 https://t.co/A1vY0GwCwS HouseofHalos photo