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2 days ago
How lucky am I today! Thank you so much @TrendAberdeen for @HouseofHalos feature in your prestigious magazine ❤️ #supergrateful for the support 🙏 #bucketlist #eek #teamtrend https://t.co/y2gK7CmbG3 HouseofHalos photo
3 days ago
Cannot wait 2 c @MaryQueenMovie 👑👑👑
Throw back 4yrs & to @HouseofHalos ode headpiece Collection titles; “Mary Queen of Skulls” #MaryQueenOfScots #MargotRobbie #saoirseronan #queen #crown https://t.co/e0yV9rQnVX
HouseofHalos photo
7 days ago
YES!!! @APAWhatsOn #aberdeenmusichall finally reopens & the transformation is utterly incredible ❤️ just what Aberdeen needs! ❤️ our beautiful Art Gallery next hopefully ❤️ https://t.co/AZDDeA18U3 HouseofHalos photo
1 week ago
We are here to onpass the planet for #futuregenerations to inherit and it should be every global leader’s top agenda that we proudly on-pass her in a beautiful condition that Mother Nature would approve of 😢💔 #COP24 #ClimateAction #ClimateChange #noplanetb
1 week ago
The biggest horror movie script happening right b4 our eyes but global leaders still not willing 2 step up 2 the call. Makes me wonder do they have children or grandchildren? #COP24 #ClimateChange #noplanetb #futuregenerations
1 week ago
Washed ashore plastic bottle tops collected from Aberdeen, 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 beach. Hand created into a new eco sustainable luxury lease of life by combining 925 silver jewellery #noplanetb ♻️🌊 #drowninginplastic #oceanplastic A UK 1st! Thx u @CLOSETVINTAGE ❤️ https://t.co/mlrzLORojc HouseofHalos photo