Behind our Ocean Collection

There are 5 ocean gyres of plastic pollution causing mass devastation to our oceans and magical marine Kingdom.  The largest of these 5 gyres is; “The Great Pacific Garbage Patch”, currently estimated to be a staggering 3 times the size of France!  An atrocity of human error on an unfathomable level.  88% to 95% of the plastic pollution in our oceans come from just 10 rivers: the Yangtze, Yellow, Hai He, Pearl, Amur, Mekong, Indus, Ganges, Niger, and Nile. Plastic pollution is a plague to our Planet and Oceans.   5–12 million tons of plastic pollution are estimated to flow into our oceans each year, choking wildlife and toxic chemicals enter the food chain leading to disease and death.

At House of Halos we regularly conduct beach clean up exercises of North East Scotland coastlines, collecting vast amounts of washed ashore ocean plastic pollution.  Everything from fishermen ghost netting, cigarette lighters, straws, plastic bottles, ear-plugs, shoes but within the ocean plastic pollution we source our “secret jewels”…… plastic bottle tops.  All by hand, we then commence a vigorous cleaning and re-melting process making every single recycled ocean plastic bead truly one of a kind.  Wear your House of Halos ocean bracelet and necklace with pride knowing you have became an ocean ambassador and are contributing in being part of a sustainable global movement working towards solutions.  Together we can make a difference, each time you visit your local beach pledge to yourself to pick up and place in a bin just 3 pieces of ocean plastic pollution.  A percentage of profit of sales from our Ocean Collection will help fund and support the UK’s biggest marine conservation charity; “The UK Marine Conservation