Behind our Wildlife Collection

We are so passionate about animals and insects that House of Halos Wildlife Collection will eventually become our largest collection. Through sales we will strive to help with the protection of every endangered species and our first efforts are aimed at the preservation of bees, rhinos and elephants.

90% of all wild plants exist because of Bees.  75% of our food crops are pollinated by Bees.  It is estimated the UK Bee has declined since 2010 to 40%.  The UK is the 2nd worst accounted for out of 41 European Countries.  European Bee losses are estimated to be in the regions of 53%.

House of Halos has collaborated with “The UK Bumblebee Conservation” with a percentage of profit of sales to help fund and support this charity through our Bee Collection.


Rhinos have lived on earth for over 40 million years. Approximately half a million rhinos once roamed earth in 1900’s, fast forward to 1970 that figure became 70,000.  There are 5 species of Rhino, 2 species on the brink of extinction. These are ‘Sumatran’, ‘Javan’, ‘Greater 1 Horned Rhino’, ‘Black’ and ‘White’ Rhino.

‘Sumatran’ Rhino population is estimated to be 80 remaining and this mammal has been on earth longer than any other living mammal. ‘Javan’ Rhino is perhaps the rarest of large mammals on earth with population estimated to be 67 remaining.

In Africa alone Rhino poaching had a growth of 9000% during 2007-2014 with approx 7500 Rhinos killed for their horns to poachers.

90% of elephants have been lost in the past century.  In 1800 there were an estimated 26 million elephants, today it is estimated there are only half a million African elephants and 50,000 Asia elephants remaining.  Devastating statistics.

Illegal ivory trade is at its highest ever level in 20years.  41 tons of Ivory was seized in China between 2012-2014.  More elephants are being poached than there are being born.  65% of Elephant rangeland will be compromised by 2050 due to human encroachment.

These animals are in urgent need of our protection and a percentage of profit of sales from House of Halos “Tusk Leave Us Alone” Rhino and Elephant necklaces will help support the ‘David Shepherd Wildlife Conservation’ charity.


*Please note House of Halos is independent of all charities we support through our Wildlife Collection and we are not endorsed or sponsored by any.