Atlantic Ocean Necklace


House of Halos Atlantic Ocean collection predominately features darker blue colourings to replica the dark and mysterious Atlantic Ocean deep waters.

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Delicate 16” extendable Italian 925 sterling silver necklace chain, (necklace can extend to 18” length if required).

House of Halos hand stamped ocean wave 925 sterling silver heart tag measures a dainty 7mm wide and 6.5mm length.

The back of the heart tag shows signs of the hand stamping process and is by no means a default to the product but proof of our authentic hand made process.

House of Halos recycled ocean plastic pollution beads are painstakingly but lovingly hand crafted by a vigorous cleaning and re-melting process.

Each Recycled Ocean Plastic Pollution bead is hand made so not every bead and bracelet will be identical to picture shown and measure approximately 6mm.

Necklace is finished with signature House of Halos 925 sterling silver double engraved logo tag.



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